Jaw Correction Surgery and Braces

Explore how the combination of jaw correction surgery and braces can offer an effective solution for more complex jaw issues.

At Smile Creations, we understand that certain complex jaw problems cannot be rectified by orthodontic treatments alone. In these cases, jaw correction surgery could be a potent solution. This surgical intervention can address a range of issues, including a jaw that is too small, too large, too forward or backward, positioned too high or low, or is distorted. Our certified orthodontists, in partnership with trusted maxillofacial surgeons, strive to deliver a comprehensive treatment approach to ensure you achieve a harmonious, balanced smile.

Our treatment process typically commences with orthodontic preparation, where braces are used to align the teeth in anticipation of the surgical intervention. This preparatory stage is a crucial part of the overall treatment plan, setting the stage for a successful surgical outcome. We carefully coordinate this two-tiered treatment approach to ensure a seamless integration of orthodontic preparation and surgical correction, always keeping your comfort and health at the forefront.

The total duration of treatment varies depending on the complexity of the problem, ranging anywhere from one to three years. We acknowledge that this journey requires patience and commitment, but the end result — a well-aligned, functional, and aesthetically pleasing smile — makes it a worthwhile investment. If you believe you could benefit from jaw correction surgery and braces, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our certified orthodontists at Smile Creations. Embark on your journey towards a healthier, more confident smile with us today.


Case Study: Successful Jaw Correction Surgery and Braces Treatment

A woman approached Smile Creations with a complex issue: her lower jaw was too far forward, causing her to be unable to close her teeth together, and she also had malalignment of teeth.

Recognizing the severity of her condition, our certified orthodontists decided that a combined approach of jaw correction surgery and braces was necessary. After a treatment period, her jaw alignment was perfected, and she could finally close her teeth together properly.

The comprehensive treatment not only corrected her dental alignment but also significantly improved her facial aesthetics and boosted her self-confidence. Today, she beams with a radiant, perfectly aligned smile, a testament to the transformative power of combined orthodontic and surgical interventions.

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