Orthodontic care
for the whole family

We offer personalized orthodontic solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each family member.

We cater to every age

Early Treatment

We believe in the power of early assessment (age 7-12), which allows us to identify and address potential issues early, which improves treatment efficacy.

Adolescent Treatment

Orthodontic treatments during adolescence (age 13-17) facilitate the creation of both beautiful smiles and optimal bite alignments.

Adult Treatment

We provide orthodontic treatments to enhance oral health and improve smile aesthetics, regardless of age.

A full spectrum of treatment options


Discover a revolutionary approach to orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®, offering a discreet, comfortable, and flexible solution for beautifully aligned teeth.

Braces for Kids

Embark on the journey to a beautiful smile with our expertise. Learn more about why, when, and how your child might need braces.

Aesthetic/Cosmetic Correction

Smile Creations provides a wide range of aesthetic/cosmetic correction treatments to help you achieve the radiant smile you deserve.

Bite and Alignment Correction

We place significant emphasis on bite and alignment correction as they play a critical role in maintaining not just a beautiful smile, but also overall oral health.

Jaw Correction Growth Appliances and Braces

Discover how jaw correction growth appliances and braces can benefit your child's dental health, aesthetics, and emotional well-being, as guided by our expert orthodontists at Smile Creations.

Jaw Correction Surgery and Braces

Explore how the combination of jaw correction surgery and braces can offer an effective solution for more complex jaw issues.

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